So you thought your due date was the 18th did ya?

A few prayers would be most appreciated.
We found out yesterday that the Placenta is failing.
The baby is not getting what it needs.
I am probably going to be induced tonight or tomorrow.
Right now the baby is doing fine.
The lungs have been checked and they are developed enough for the baby to come now.
I have great doctors and David is right here with me.
Jesus knows and is on control.
I will update as soon as I can and hopefully I will have new baby pictures to share.
Finally we will know if it is a boy or a girl!



Fairlightday said…
Praying, praying, praying! Hang in there and let us know everything is ok! We can't wait to say "hello" to your new little bundle of joy.
erin said…
Prayers and good thoughts being sent your excited to see the new baby!
Leslie said…
Ohhh Im so praying, Im betting right now there is a baby in your arms... Hoping the induction went well, and that your recovering so quickly.

Can't wait to see your new little one.
Wendi said…
OH! I will be praying! So excited to hear the news you will soon be sharing! :)
Leslie said…
coming here ready to see baby pictures... hope your cuddling right now!!!
Rebecca said…
Hi all...this is Sarah's Sister-in-Law...Just wanted to let you all know that Sarah has her baby on 8/31. I'll let her tell all the details but Mom and Baby are doing well and should be going home today.
Amanda said…
definitely praying for you...guessing that right now you are holding your little miss or mister!

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