The love...

We have been kinda low key and mellow this past week.
I move a little slower each day.
I find a place my focus more and more on the simple things...
In a nut shell, being domestic.
I do what little bits I can and then let the rest go.

Elijah becomes more independent each day...*sigh*
He watched most of a movie wthout losing focus yesterday.
I don't know how I feel about that...conflicted.
We watched the new Charlotte's Web...sweetness.
He loved the animals.
He had shots on maybe he was still feeling a wee bit puny.
We cuddled, ate applesauce, and doled out enormous amounts of kisses to each other.
I love hear him run through the house saying "Mama!"
I love how he jumps up and down in his crib when I walk in his room.
I love to watch him and Daddy roll around on the floor growling and wrestling.
I love how he can almost count to three and tries to mimic everything I say.
David and I are constantly saying to each other, "I love that little boy."
I love him more then I can say...
I am blessed indeed.


Lisa said…
How much longer do you have to go.... You must be over the moon with excitment!
Leslie said…
your getting so so so close. I can't believe it... we will both have babes before we know it.

LOVE THE BIRDIES!! and overall just love this post.
Fairlightday said…
Quiet towards the end is good. I'm looking forward to a pregnancy where I can slow down and just rest the last couple of weeks. But who am I kidding? :)
I can't wait until baby dear makes his/her arrival and we get to meet for the very 1st time. So exciting!
Wendi said…
I loved this post. Really and truly! Refreshing, relatable and heart warming. Little boys are precious! :)

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