Ready for Autumn...

What is it about this time of year that makes one's thoughts turn to Autumn?
The summer sun is still beating down on the golden tassles of the corn in the fields and yet I am already dreaming of pumpkins and warm, cheesy casseroles.
I try to remind myself of how much I longed for Summer after that long, bitterly cold winter, but, I am ready for the move into crisp, cool days.

Elijah has been sick the past few days. Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease made it's first appearance in our home. Yuck! I wonder where he picked it up at? It couldn't possibly be that he has a fondness for putting his mouth the handles of shopping carts could it? Eeeewwwww. Time to pull out that shopping cart seat cover that I forget about. Poor thing had trouble eating, so I whipped up nutrious smoothies to sooth and nourish. I was able to stay home with him from work for two days and what fun we had. Books, ball throwing, Finding Nemo, and naps for both of us. I wish I could do that permenantly...but, not just yet.

The little dolls quilts are half done and the softie dolls are cut out and ready to whip up tonight. A doll and quilt set each are going to two little girls that are turning one in the coming month. I love making little gifts for little people.

The baby's bag is packed for the hospital and mine is in the works. The house is getting in order and a quiet anticipation has settled over me. I'm at around 36 weeks, I think. I had Elijah at around 38 weeks, could this one come early too? We shall see!


erin said…
The laundry situation continues...I was semi-productive yesterday.

Sending good thoughts your way as you prepare for baby #2! So exciting!

Leslie said…

btw how funny is this, I am working on the same thing from spool... the birdies... but yet had no idea you were.. hehe. its a small internet world... no. :)

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