What I see...

It's raining today...big, wet, crysal clear drops...very Oregon-esk. Roads and sidewalks seem squeeky clean and smelling of fresh rain.
The world has turned green. Red bud trees are in bloom and tulips are still enchanting in their petel garments of red, purple, and yellow.
Farmers finally got to their fields earlier this week.
The newly tilled soil is deep and dark like the outsides of glossy coffee beans.
The earthy smell of newly turned dirt wafts through the air and is almost intoxicating in it's simplicity and loveliness...almost like the smell of coffee beans at the last moment before being ground.
Red-Winged Black Birds are showing off in hopes of finding the perfect mate. They preen and dance along the roadsides and hedgerows.
Fireflys are awaited with anticipation of the warm nights to come.
The world seems new and full of potential and hope.
I think that is why God gave us the gift of Spring.
Happy Wednesday!


Andrea said…
You must live near me:D We were thrilled to see rain yesterday. I felt like I could see things turnign green as I sat at my window yesterday. Have a lovely rest of the day:)
cara lou said…
Beautifully said! I can totally smell the rain and the soil and it makes me so happy. I wish I were up there!

Thanks for coming by my blog and for commenting!

Your son is also adorable! I love all that dark hair! Amazing!

I look forward to reading more on your blog.

Wendi said…
If I didn't already seriously love spring, the use of your artful words would surely make it my season of choice. :) Very fun to read! I'm so glad you stopped by my little corner of the world yesterday. I always love to find new blogs to read. Your's is very sweet!
Amanda said…
we have the lovely green rain drenched grass here as well. oh how i love spring...the puddle jumping that brings the brilliant flowers...

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