On my bedside table...

I love a good book...I always have.
These are books I am working on currently...
They rest throughout the day waiting for me to crack them open for a few minutes each night.

I only manage 5 to 10 pages per night, where as in my single days I easily managed 100 in a night. My eyes are much more prone to close in sleep, much faster these days.
The top one "Peony in Love" is written by Lisa See, she wrote "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, " a wonderful book. I can't wait to start this one. I stumbled upon it the other day while hurrying through Barnes and Noble clutching the new Martha Stewart. I was trying not to get sucked into buying a book...as you can see I failed. But, I was using a gift card from my birthday months ago. I think it was well spent.
My bedside table has always been a sweet place for me. I try to keep it neat. Every evening I bring my glass of water to be set there. Also I am sure to always have a Burt's Bees Honey lip balm close at hand as well. And then I tuck myself into bed, fluff my stack of three pillows and settle in to read.
I have always needed a place to keep my current stack of books as well as the essentials needed for the pleasure of reading. The lamp must be bright, but not too bright, there also must be a spot for a cup of tea if I happened to bring one to bed with me. But, mostly it's a little 2" X 1" canvas on which to organize and domesticate as I wish, a space that is truly and wholly my own. It is purely for my own function and I like that...
And it is often nice to have a bloom nestled there as well. One can't help but have sweet dreams when there are flowers close by don't you think?


Fairlightday said…
Oh so sweet and I can't wait to try the books you have sitting on your nightstand.

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