Confessions of a former sock maker

This is one of the best pictures I can get of Elijah at the moment...he does not stop moving! Love that kid...but, he makes me ever so sleepy... :) He jabbers and sings and dances all through our lives...I often wonder how I managed to live 28 years without him. I was more rested certainly, with smaller hips and no gray hairs...but, pssshaw, who cares about that stuff when he is "reading" me his Nemo book? Btw...he says Mawmo for Nemo...It's a cross between Elmo and Nemo. I love love this "Unable-to-pronounce-words-properly" phase. I will miss it...

These are the finished socks! I am so happy to have them done and to be able to be knitting something else! I wouldn't let myself start anything new until I got them done. I believe that this is the last pair that I shall make...I'm glad I made them, but, a lifelong sock maker I am not. I was not charmed by the process, I had to bribe myself to do the second sock. For awhile I was convinced that using the first one as a sock puppet was perfectly respectable..., attach a pair of googly eyes and christen with a name like Alphonse, all would have been charmed and never would have thought to ask about sock number two. But, the yarn was not on the cheap side and decided that I had set out to make a pair of socks, plural, not singular and I needed to see it through. I wanted to throw and dance in confetti when I wove in the last end...that is how happy I was. They made their way to Alaska to my Mama for Mother's Day. The yarn was a self-striping silk blend...beautiful. Those Germans are amazing with their yarns...self-striping? Genius, I say! If I had to do the striping on my own, I would still be on sock #1.

This is a doll quilt that I finished up. The inner blocks were hand marbled by me a few years ago at a quilt club demonstration. It's a technique that has long been used on the end papers of books and such like. So I have had these sitting around in my stash and I wanted to do something with them, so out came this quilt. I am contemplating a coordinating pillow case, every stylish doll needs matching bedding after all. If I don't end up with a little girl, it will make it's way to a little girl somewhere, perhaps with a softy doll as well...Ooooo, the possibilities.

We will be hitting the road for the Memorial Day Holiday...Have a wonderful one.


Amanda said…
hope you had a delightful memorial day weekend! love the in-motion pic of elijah...and i agree, i am in the midst of my first pair of socks...and from now on, i will simply admire the nice socks others knit! i find my craftiness needs to be confined to "smaller" nap-time-ish projects!
Wendi said…
Wow! You are now my domestic hero! :) Amazing works of beauty! I love the socks, but understand your frustration. I love how cute you were in your justifications of wanting to make just one. :) The extent of my knitting prowess has been scarves, many many long strips. Beyond that I have not ventured. :)
The quilt is beautiful as well! How neat!

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