The decent of the little gray cells

The decline of my brain capacity will be demonstrated by the following:

I called the 1 800 number for a company that I have a bill through and they ask a super secret question in order to varify my identity. Now I had picked out the question and answer a mear two weeks before. The customer service tech asked me the question...I blanked. I had absolutly no idea of the answer and let alone why I had made the decision to choose that stupid question in the first place. The question seemed absurd to me. The guy on the other end seemed shocked that I had no clue and then he proceeded to giggle...yes, I said giggle. He then tried to give me a clue..."it starts with an "s." "S?" I said. I became more befuddled and he asked me in disbelief..."you really can't recall?" I was horrified. I stammered that I would have to call back and I imagined that he was frantically typing a note into my file saying that I was not only a loon, but perhaps fraud was taking place, in between stopping to hold his aching side from the laughter that he couldn't control.
I called back an hour later with the correct answer...yes, it took my that long to remember. All I can say is I'm pregnant and my brain has ceased to function properly.
Happy Friday!


Andrea said…
Haha, this post made me giggle! We all have those days and I'm sure that they have heard it all! I doubt he will even remember it in a week. At least you did remember the answer:)
Amanda said…
he he...i hate to tell you this...but your brain might not ever return! :)

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