Tid Bits

I have been seriously remiss in my blogging responsibilities...my apologies.
I have lots of goodies to share.
Firstly, don't forget about taking part in Earth Hour tomorrow night. The premis is for everyone to turn off their lights from 8-9 p.m. local time. This is an opportunity to raise awarness about how the little things that each of us can do will help save energy. As well as to reduce our impact on our planet's resources. So turn off those lights. I am planning on lighting candles, maybe a fire in the fireplace, and a cup of tea. I can just see the glowing living room in my mind's eye. Who knows maybe I (we) could do this every Saturday. :)
There are lots of new things with the Little Man...
He is walking most of the time now.
He has learned several new words: bye (accompanied by waving) , Uh Oh Spaghetti-o (except it comes out as uh oh doo doo), hi, light (pronounced la), more (pronounced maa).
He points to his belly and his nose, and then just looks at me like I'm crazy when I ask him where his cheek, eye, or toes are.
He loves to eat: pancakes, broccoli, applesauce, animal crackers, chili mac, plain yogurt with a little jam stirred in...just to name a few, he enjoys most foods.
He is completly binky free. Last night was night number four and he is sleeping really well. We had only been giving it to him for naps and at night, so we decided to try and start weaning him off. He cries a bit when I lay him in his crib, but it has gotten shorter every night and I think he may be sleeping better somehow.
He is also completly bottle free. He uses sippy cups like pro. I have also been trying to work on him using a spoon and fork which he is eagar to do and is doing pretty well at four being only nearly fourteen months old.
We three are hoping for the snow to end soon (we got more yesterday) and for Spring to finally show her face, especially since Elijah wants to go outside constantly now...he loves it.
I have not forgotten about posting my cleaner recipes. The ones I use are from the now long gone magazine Organic Style, so I don't think there will be any copyright issues. I will try to do so tomorrow and to post pictures of Elijah's first Easter Egg hunt!


Lisa said…
I have not heard of Earth Hour, but I am so glad you mentioned it - I will definalty turn our lights off. Something so simple can make such a huge impact and I am trying to do my part any way I can...
Can't wait for your recipe and the Easter pictures! I hope you guys had a terrific holiday, egg hunt and all...

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