A Slew of Pictures...

Here are long promised pictures...Enjoy!

The start of Elijah's first haircut. Look how long his hair was!

In progress...

The finished product. So very handsome.

Right before we got married.

During the ceremony.

Homemade cupcakes for the 1st birthday party.

Chasing balloons with Aunt Angie.

Singing Happy Birthday.

The demolishing of the first cupcake.

Opening gifts.

Last week...wearing the bear hat from Mumsy and Pop.

Hugs from Daddy.

Long promised pictures for my Mom of the bookcases we got at IKEA in January.

Another view of our living room. I want to paint the walls a mocha color...I can't abide by white walls. Too plain for me.
I hope all have enjoyed the slide show! Happy Saturday!


Amanda said…
hooray for the pics...can't believe how big (and cute) elijah is!
Lisa said…
I totally enjoy getting a glimpse of all the festivites going on in your life!!! It has been a big few months, huh?!?!?!
Leslie said…
What a wonderfull season for your guys huh.... Ohh loved seeing pictures and Elijah looks SO big.. :)

And love your green chair.. btw
chelle said…
What a absolutely memorable month this has been for you guys. Congratulations on your marriage and also on your super darling one year old. He is so precious. I loved the pictures from his birthday party. It looked like a great party. Loved the cupcakes and decorations. 1 is SO, so f-u-n! Enjoy it. I know you will

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