Random...I can do that.

Thank you for all of the picture love.
I really love the picture of Elijah eating the cupcake...so serious.
I apologize for the darkness of the wedding photos. It was dark in the courtroom and I think I had the wrong setting on my camera. We'll shoot for the super nice pictures next year when we do a more formal event...stay tuned for those.

I was tagged an ever so long tme ago by, I hate to say it, I can't remember. But, they wanted me to post seven random things about myself. So here we go...

~ I was supposed to be around 6 ft. tall, I ended up at a comfortable 5'7. There is some point when you are a kid that they measure you and supposedly they can tell how tall you will be. I am an example that the equation they use is a bunch of hooey.

~I doubled majored in History and Russian Langauge in college. Vwee gawvareetya parooski? (Russian is not easy to do phoneticaly).

~I don't walk on strange floors in my barefeet, especially hotel rooms! When I was an intern I had a truely terrible, roach filled apartment that I lived in for a year, I never once walked barefoot.

~I love to eat cottage cheese and pudding mixed together.

~I was a vegetarian for five years, a single piece of bacon was what brought me back to eating meat, however, I am thinking about converting back.

~I have lived in four states

~I was born 11 days early and so was my sweet boy Elijah.

There you go! I am supposed to tag others to join in the fun, but I think most everyone has been gotten. If not, do it, it's fun and strangely difficult as well. Who knew it could be so hard to come up with things about ones self?


Amanda said…
i so share your no-barefoot thing...i can't stand "foreign" floors, showers, etc. love all the other tidbits as well...and may i ask..why russian? were you planning to do something particular with it...i love hearing fun little bits like this!
Little Candle said…
I kind of stumbled into Russian. When I was 16 I went with YWAM to Minsk, Belarus and loved it! Then in college my advisor happened to also be the Russian professor and after she heard about my Minsk experience she practically enrolled me in Russian herself (I was a very willing participant), my Russian name was Avrora which means Dawn, which is my middle name. By my Senior year I ahd enough credits to tack it on as a second major. I wish that I had used it more after college. I have lost so much of it.

Sarah :)
Andrea said…
I love reading random things about people. They can be so interesting. And I have always wondered exactly how it is that they aproximate your final hight...
Sweet, sweet, sweet pictures. What a handsom little boy you have:) And how pretty you looked on your wedding day! I really loved the shade of the dress you wore.

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