Coach Louie
Coach Sean 
Coach Emily

Recently, Elijah and Evelyn attended a morning soccer camp for one week.  They had a lovely time and learned a great deal.  They even spent an entire session playing in the pouring about character building!
One of the more fun aspects of the week was the fact that we had one of the British coaches stay with us.  Sean was lovely and the kids loved being around him.  I had never hosted anyone for anything before, so I'm afraid he may have been a bit bored.  Our schedules were such that we couldn't really show him around much. But, I hope he enjoyed his time with our nuttiness.
Can you believe it's almost July?
Whew...I feel like we are going a million miles per hour. I'll try to be back here in a few days.  I have lots of pictures and fun things to share.
Peace friends!


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