For the Birds...

 This little family had been hanging out in the yard next door until recently.  We all loved watching the Mama, Daddy, and goslings eating, napping, and swimming past in the pond.

We spend a lot of time watching birds and wildlife everyday.  The pond makes for a great habitat for the kids and I to observe the natural world.  I have spied more eagles and a few days ago a heron stopped off for awhile until a pesky Red-Winged Black Bird chased it off, all for the sake of protecting it's nest.  :)
We have found empty egg shells on the ground and have spied two nests nearby.  One is a Robin's nest and we watched as the Mama fed her hungry babies.  The rain has made everything lush and green and keeps the worms close to the surface of the lawn, so the birds have been feasting.
My neighbor told me how putting out grape jelly would bring Orioles to the yard.  Having never seen an Oriole, I put some out and sure enough within a couple of hours I had one going to town. 
I think I am sold about living near water.  I think it is something I would like to have no matter where we may go from here. 
Peace Friends!


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