Outside has been lovely lately.
It is warm.
Everything is growing and close to blooming.
My garden...Oh, what can I say?  I'm in love.  Finally after all of these years I have a garden!  It is therapy for me to go out and putz in it.  I weed, I groom the dirt, I smile.  The whole yard really.  I pull a handful of weeds each day when I go out to water.  It's relaxing for me as I walk around in the cool breezes and sunshine.
Someone across the pond put in a fountain...David thinks it's cheesy, I think it's kind of nice.
After such a long Winter, these days have been bliss.  Lot's of projects in our lives these days, but those moments spent outside, bring a measure of peace to our days and slows us down.  Again...lovely!
Peace friends!


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