So I left you again...sorry.

Heavens me!  It looks like I cannot seem to keep my promises on this blog.  So sorry, these last two weeks have been a whirlwind.  Here are a few snapshots of what we have been up to...

 Soccer for Elijah.  Lots and lots...he loves it too.
 Downsizing and is the new and improved art cupboard.  I have been working on a few other spots too, getting rid of some furniture, planning a garage sale.  I have some things I am saving for and making a bit of money will go a long way in helping me reach my goals.
 This Black Hills Spruce has joined our menagerie and is doing beautifully.  Elijah got it on Earth day at school.  Just a wee little thing, but, it is already growing quite nicely.  We'll stick it out in the yard in a year or two.

Hanging art on the dining room wall.  I love it when E and E bring me art from school.
Making paper puppets as a birthday treat for Evelyn's school mates (they celebrate summer birthday in May).  I whipped out 24 of those babies...kind of fun.  I didn't want to send home another sugary treat, as the kids were going to have birthday cupcakes and I didn"t want to send them home a cheap plastic toy made in China either.  Homemade was the path I chose and I was happy with how they turned out. 
Playing with the pink kitten version of the puppets.. 
 Prettying up my front walk and stoop.  Those chairs are some of my spray paint handy work.  Today I planted tons of perennials that I got at 2 church plant sales.  That is the way to go people, I tell you!  Good cause and cheap too!  My front flower beds (not shown here) are looking lovely. Daisies, Purple Cone Flower, Lilly of the Valley, Primrose, Black-eyed Susans...oh my!  I still have a few Hostas, Sedum, and a Rose bush to plant tomorrow.  Then hopefully David will get my raised vegetable garden beds done soon...I need to get some veggies in the dirt.
 Picking Dandy Lions had been a big past time around here.
Attending an end of year school picnic.

I can hardly fathom how fast this school year has flown.  Elijah will soon be a first grader, Evelyn a kindergartner, and Rubia a pre-schooler.  Next Fall, I will have 2 whole mornings each week with just me and Rey...weird.  But, I still have a whole Summer to look forward to.  I have crafts planned, we will be outside a ton, Elijah and Evelyn both have soccer camp in a few weeks and I think I am going to sign them up for a Science camp as well as swimming lessons.
We have been spending a part of each day outside.  The kiddies ride bikes, draw with chalk, blow bubbles, fly kites, or just run around like crazy people.  After such a long, cold winter, it has really helped them and me to bask in some sunshine.
What are your Summer plans?  Any cool craft or activity ideas?
Peace friends!


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