July 15, 2012

Lots of book reading around here and maybe just a little too much watching of Sprout.  Lazy Summer days living in someone else's house limit us a bit.  I wish I had a garden to tend and jam to make, but those things are best left for when we have our own spot to live and grow into.  I have pulled out a few crafts to do with the kiddies, but I must admit I am totally uninspired to do much.  I know they would like to do more.  I need to pull up on the ol' boot straps I guess.
We go to the YMCA nearly everyday...me to sweat, them to play.  We are all content with the arrangement.  Although I would much rather gorge on a ginormous cheese burger each day, the small portions and carrots sticks are paying off. I smaller, sleeker me is in the works.
Next, to plan a Fairy Tea Party for Miss Evelyn...she will be 4 next month.  Also, school starts in a few short weeks.  I am ever so thankful that school clothes have already been bought, washed and made ready, thanks to Goodwill and end of season sales last year.  Now only the fun of shopping for supplies remains. I love the smell of Elmer's glue and sharpened pencils. Elijah in Kindergarten, Evelyn in Pre-school...wow.
How can it be mid-July already?


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