Teacher Thank you...

I wanted to share with you the gift that I made for Elijah's 3 teachers as a thank you for a wonderful school year.  I found the idea on pinterest months ago, but I didn't pin it, so I can't give credit where credit is do...I hate that.  So I will send a big thank you out into the universe with many apologies attached!
 It was a fun and easy project to make.
Just a jar full of Smarties,with two Sharpie markers tied to the top with baker's twine and a note that stated:
Thank you for making me a Smartie and a Sharpie!
Then I had Elijah write his name and into a gift bag it went.
I also stuck a gift card for Elijah's main teacher under the Sharpies on her jar...just a little something extra.
I loved his teachers and his class.  He learned so much and made some sweet little friends as well.
Good teachers make such a difference and work so very hard. 
A big thank you to all teachers out there!
I am grateful!


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