Do I look tired?
I feel it, but that is how it is those first weeks.
Rey is such an eater!  All the time, I tell you!
Despite the tiredness, I am leaps beyond where I was right before having Rey.
I am motivated to do more and even going up and down the stairs is no longer a killer.
Just the thought of giving evening baths or of standing in the kitchen cooking a meal no longer wears me out. 
I even meal planned yesterday...something I haven't done in months.
And oh my, I have rediscovered Trader Joe's!  Such good stuff and economical too.  A gallon of milk is a whole dollar cheaper than the other grocery stores...fabulous! Plus, the freeze dried fruit is excellent and the all natural gummies are a hit with the kiddies...especially the penguins.
However, Rey is a bit high maintenance.  He wants to be held ALL the time.  It's hard to get much accomplished that way.  I need to pull out my Mobi wrap so I can a least finish folding the laundry etc.  He is draped across my chest right now...I have learned I can blog, but it is a bit tricky.
We are also house hunting...I just want to get settled, but we also want to make a good choice too.  Hopefully in the next couple of weeks we will have it all settled and an idea when we will move in somewhere.
I hope to do a big photo dump soon...lots of pictures being taken around here.  Be back when I can!


Maren said…
Rey is super cute and you look marvelous :) So happy for you!

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