A few shots from the past couple of weeks.
Loving morning coffee, Trader Joes, a little me time, yummy meals, and of course, my babies.
Life is moving right along and has launched us right into Summer.
Elijah finished pre-school on the 16th and is waiting with much anticipation for Star Wars Camp.
Rey slept for 7 hours straight a couple of nights ago...talk about amazed.
We continue the house search.  Last weekend took us one state away to search and think about an even bigger move...I prayed a great deal about it.  It seems, as of this moment, that we will stay where we are and buy a house here in the next week. *Eek* I can't wait!
Other then that...just plotting for Father's Day, upcoming birthdays and gathering decorating ideas for whatever house we end up in...such fun things!


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