These days...

These days are flying by so very fast.
I have been doing bits around the house:
Cleaning months of flotsam and jetsam of paper misc off of the fridge.
Re-arranging some furniture.
Re-decorating parts of the house for super cheap. I put new linens on our bed and hung artwork that Elijah and I created together. David said our room was now like a hotel...*hmmmm* is that a good thing or a bad thing? I hope at least a high end hotel! He refused to elaborate.
Crossing things off of my mile long to-do list. Fun things that involve paperwork and phone calls (being sarcastic of course).
Reading Max and Ruby books to the kids. super-charged sweet tooth didn't leave when I gave birth to Rubia...eek!
Listing goods on Craigslist and Freecycle.
Thank you notes.

Now if I could just get the birth announcements done and the Master bath cleaned I would feel a million times better.
Much has been eclipsed by Rubia's birth that are in and of themselves huge accomplishments. Evelyn is potty trained and not yet two years old. She still has accidents now and a again, but for the most part is doing beautifully. She is also now cozily tucked into her own twin bed. We don't do toddler beds in this house, we jump right to the big size. She only fell out a handful of times...she is doing very well. She talks constantly and is starting to tell stories which is great fun.
Elijah and I have been working on some writing skills. We trace letters, numbers, and shapes in a pre-school activity book that I got him. I don't push him, he is eager to learn right now, so I am rolling with it. The age of 3 is a hard one with him. He is really pushing the boundries and trying me in ways that make me want to scream some days. He is also incredibly thoughtful and loving as well. He is really into non-fiction books from the library...sharks, pirates, space. Those Eyewitness books are wonderful and there is one for just about every topic we can think of. I *heart* that hard/sweet boy.
Rubia had her one month check up yesterday. She put on over a pound and has grown an inch in a mere three weeks, yet she is not rolly polly. None of my babies would have ever been considered chunky, just plump in small ways. She is awake more and more each day with a strong dislike for tummy time and baths.
These days are so hard and wonderful at the same time. Some times I come to the end and I wonder how I got anything accomplished, but, I am trying to focus on the non-tangibles like hugs and laughter. Those are the things that make memories after all. And midnight vanilla pudding with whipped cream and chocolate sauce with a certain 3 year old boy. ;)


Leslie said…
I really love your heart as a mommy..

and wow cannot believe potty trained/twin bed already...

we just just did that with our 3 year old....

sigh. Your awesome.
Amanda said…
i second leslie. sarah, you are your heart...your love for your make me feel peaceful. praying for these continued adjustment days.
Anonymous said…
Just remember....this soon shall pass. Day after tomorrow, you'll be at Elijah's graduation from college, & your youngest will be nearly done with high school. Yet, you won't remember all the "stuff" you aren't getting done. You are making good memories with them while they're young. It was great to have you check in, & I'd love to see some pictures soon!! :)

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