A Baby...

She's been here for 3 weeks, but I haven't even turned the computer on until today. She loves to eat = no sleep for me, hence no blogging. She is beautiful and I get the feeling she is an old soul like me. I can't tell you how I know that, I just do.
Here are the vitals:

Rubia Adele
June 18, 2010
8 lbs, 3 ozs
18 1/2 inches long

She waited until her due date to make her appearance. The birth was so fast compared to my first two, with no complications. Our family is adjusting nicely. Be back when I can.


Anonymous said…
YEAH!!! I've been waiting for news!! I am very happy for you all! She is beautiful!! I look forward to hearing more as you're able, & praise the Lord for an easier birth with no problems!
Oh Sarah! Congratulations! I love her name, her sweet dark hair, and that you intuitively know she is an old soul. :)
Amanda said…
oh sarah...i am so excited for you and your sweet family. love her gorgeous name and her sweet hair...and the pic of her sweet brother holding her. soak it in and savor it all! :)
Mom of Three said…
She's adorable! And yes this is Robyn from Ferrum =)
Leslie said…
love love love this.

she is beautiful.
Amy said…
Congrats Sarah! She is so beautiful I am glad that everyone is doing well. xxxx :)
erin said…
Congratulations! Wonderful name, cute too!
Fairlightday said…
Congratulations Sarah! She's just lovely! And I'm so glad that it was easier this time. Many hugs and I wish I could bring you a meal! :)

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