We went camping the other the living room.
Complete with a tent, a fire, popcorn and s'mores, and stories.
The tent was made from a sheet. I channeled my childhood honed tent building skills while the kiddos brought me books and heavy things to weigh down the corners.
We made a fire from card board tubes with red and yellow tissue paper tucked in to imitate flames. And then the snacks: homemade popcorn and s'mores ala microwave. Sadly the fire was cute, but not functional, so the microwave had to do. While they feasted I read them story books aloud and Rubia napped on a blanket next to me.
I try to muster the energy each day to do something special with my two older Sweeties since the baby takes so much of my time these days. Rubia is starting to sleep for longer stretches, so the house doesn't feel like such a disaster. So we move along...tomorrow we will head to Joann's for a few art supplies for a painting project. I'm looking forward to it.


Kathy said…
That's a beautiful baby you have. Glad to see you are teaching the kids about camping!

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