Spring/Summer Sewing...

It seems we have been all over God's green earth lately. Lots of time spent in cars and on freeways and expressways. We arrived home tonight with no plans for long distance travel anytime soon. I am ready to stay put for awhile and be home.
In between road trips, I have been able to do some sewing. I must apologize for the pictures, I can't seem to find a location I like with good lighting. I finished the overall/shorts for Evelyn two weeks ago. The pattern is an old Butterick 3684 that I am sure is out of print. I did a web search and turned up nothing. I couldn't spot a print date on it anywhere. My Mom brought it to me on her last visit. I love how it turned out and I think I will have to make another one for Evelyn. The fabric is "We Are Family" by Heidi Grace made for Joann's.
This is Evelyn Easter dress. It again is an old pattern that I got for 25 cents. It's Simplicity 9211 from 1979. It's hard to tell but there are two little pockets in the front. The fabric is an exclusive for Joann's, no name was given. These two little outfits have given me some great practice on handmade buttonholes. I don't use my sewing machine to do them as I can never seem to get them to turn out. I had to rip out the first three, but then I found my stride and by my tenth I had the technique down. Instead of dreading them, now I say, bring them on!
These two bags, I made for Elijah and Evelyn for their "Easter Baskets." I knew that we would be away from home for Easter and I wanted something portable, but also, I really wanted some that they could each use for years to come. I used instructions for a bag that my Step-Mom had given me a few years ago with a few modifications of my own. The bags were given out yesterday stocked with art supplies and the customary chocolate bunnies and jellybeans. They are made from a nice cream linen and the same fabrics from above. I am very happy with my endeavors thus far...more on the docket for this week.
Easter was low key and quiet. I spent some time outside on my in-laws deck watching the babies play and thinking about what this Easter means. The renewal in my heart, they joy, the peace. There is a scripture I have been meditating on these last weeks that captured my mind again yesterday:
"Forget the former things;
do not dwell on the past.
See I am doing a new thing!
Now it springs up;
do you not perceive it?
I am making a way in the desert
and streams in the wasteland."
Isaiah 43: 18-19

I find such power and such hope in those words. I feel and perceive new things in my life. Not just this new baby, but in my relationships, my attitudes, my goals etc. Jesus is hope and joy...his gift, his love, his sacrifice is astounding. I hope to continue to focus on these things and not move on because Easter is over. It's relevant for everyday don't you think?


I love (LOVE LOVE LOVE!) your newest creations! The patterns are adorable and the fabric is just so yummy!! The little birdies... so pretty!
How nice to here of all God is doing in your heart. I know there are seasons of life that require so much of us and that are so hard... I love how God can renew us out of those seasons and give us grace beyond compare.
You are a strong lady and it is a privilege to read how you continue to grow.
Andrea said…
Isn't it amazing the effect spring and Easter can have and the heart! What an amazing and wonderful time of year:)

And I love those fabrics! So sweet.
Hey Sarah - I just saw a comment you had left on Leslie's blog. You had mentioned wanting to tweak your header a bit. I have been learning some things about blog design and would love to help you out if you are interested. Just let me know! :)
Leslie said…
Wendi totally helped me get bigger pics.

I do use photoshop on my blog sarah... I just design it and plug it in... its sizing that matters most...

love these little tops.

I still need to send you and Wendi and Lisas litle missing you at Seabrook gifts.
Sarah - I'm totally excited about helping you out with bloggy stuff. :)
Do you just want a header or were you wanting to make more changes? Let me know what you had in mind - like photos in the header or just some cute graphics... Any particular design you were going for? I have photo shop as well and we could use that to get the effect you want.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hey sis here is the link you wanted sorry it took me so long. Love the handywork there. You have really made some amazing items.


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