A list,( I love lists)...

Wow, I was gone for a bit!
We had to do more traveling soon after my last post.
2000 miles put on the new van...
Oh, yea, we got a van.
I swore I would never get a van,
I'm not a mini van kind of Mom.
But, with soon to be three babies in this house,
there aren't many options other than Mom vans.
Shhhhh, I like it, but don't tell anyone.
I don't want to blow my cover.

Things are good here:
I'm 32 weeks and counting,
The new baby's bed and clothing are all ready and waiting,
Basil and Cilantro are growing in little pots on my kitchen counter,
More Summer dresses have been made for Evelyn,
Fabric is washed and ready to be made into pajama bottoms for Elijah,
Tulips are growing in my flower beds,
Brownies have been baked regularly (craving),
Chocolate ice cream/Heath Bar Blizzards have been consumed (serious craving),
Pricing for a yard sale has begun,
De-cluttering and house organizing continues...
Nesting, I am seriously nesting.
I will try to be more regular in my posting, but no promises.
Most days I just don't feel like getting on the computer and I take a nap instead...
Naps are heaven these days...resting up for the the sleep deprived days to come.


Anonymous said…
Glad you're back! I'm back at Facebook, & awaiting you to Friend me, if you have a chance. You'll have to post pics soon of your travels & busyness!! :)
Kara said…
You are so sweet :-) I'd love your pillowcases! Thank you for thinking of me. Email me at rockingranola@aol.com w/ details and let me know if I can paypal you some cash for shipping.

I love lists, too!

Best Wishes,
Amanda said…
oh sweet sarah...you are so precious and productive...all i want to do is nap and i'm not even 32 weeks pregnant. and, shhh...don't tell anyone, but i'm pretty smitten with my mini-van myself!

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