I am back...Actually I have been back for a few days, but I have been trying to get back into the swing of things...unpack, a little cleaning, some cooking, and starting up the running routine again (ugh, I should have never taken two weeks off, those hills were tough).
Evelyn turned one (wow!). We had a joint party with her cousin Sierra who is a week younger than she. I will post pictures, I just haven't taken the two seconds to upload them to my computer. I will, it's on my list. OH, BIG NEWS...Evelyn is walking...all.over.the.house. She holds on to something in each hand, like a spoon or a toy and does laps. She doesn't really play right now...just walks. She is also working on two more teeth which makes for a high level of crankiness at times.
I am trying to get back into a routine around the house, but, I am learning that I am going to have to figure out a new one, what with two completly mobile kids...I love it.
I feel like I am moving nicely into fall. I am making plans to take the babies to the apple orchard and I have pulled out my knitting...I am ready for the golden leaves, warm socks, and purple Mums.
Ugh, time to go sort through their drawers, clean out the things that are too small and figure out what their cold weather needs are...anyone want to come do it for me?!


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