Firstly, I have to say that these donuts are the devil.
They are addicting to a degree that I have not experienced in a long time. All I have to do is drive 30 minutes to an apple orchard, walk up to a counter, place my order, and instantly I am handed a bag full of hot donuts. I mean those babies are fresh out of the deep fryer and rolled in cinnamon sugar. I have gone back 3 times in two weeks...3 times! The bad (good, for my waistline) news is that the orchard is only open during September and October. If I get a craving in March...too bad for me!
So, to better justify my 3rd trip, this morning I picked apples. I have been planning to make applesauce again this year and these apples looked like a good choice. They are Galas that are rosy and golden.

I had little helpers and it only took us about 20 minutes to pick a half bushel. The day was overcast and a wee bit muggy. We were the only pickers out there this morning, so we had rows upon rows of apple trees to ourselves. Elijah caught on quickly and was a big help. Evelyn spent her time trying to pull grass and clover through the drain holes on the floor of the wagon. All of us were happy with our labors at the end.

Depending on how much applesauce I get from this, we may make another trek out to the orchard for another half bushel...honest, I'm not motivated by those donuts one bit.


Wow do those donuts look amazing!! I'd be making trips back for them for sure!!

Evelyn is getting so grown!! How cute with the little pony tail. :)
Amanda said…
YUM! makes me want a warm cinnamon.y sugar.y donut RIGHT NOW! :) i'm hoping to do some family apple picking very soon...LOVING the feeling of autumn in the air!

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