More Sewing...and other musings.

This is one of the gifts that I have made recently. It has now been shipped and received by my Sister-in-Law Becky. I hope she likes it.
It is such a fun purse and so very easy to whip up. It took me no time at all. I have been really enjoying the process of sewing and creating more recently. It's like there is a new energy in the air.
I am however, trying to devote a lot of my time to organizing our house. When we moved in I just put stuff places just to get it unpacked, but, there never was much of a method. That is what I am trying to change. Plus, I can be a bit of a pack rat...I must clear out some things. There really is something psychological about "stuff." I attach such personal feelings to things like memories and emotions. I have to learn that just because something is gone, it doesn't mean that I am giving up those things. I just don't have the physical object anymore. Clearing out will do a lot to clear out my mind and to increase the happiness of my husband. Organization is on the menu and must be accomplished.
It's also planting season and work is happening in the yard. We went organic this year and put corn meal gluten on the's brilliant stuff and the grass looks stunning. Elijah and I are participating in The Great Sunflower Project sunflower planting and observing will be going on too.
These are busy days...but oh so good.
Oh, and go wish Chelle all the best...she had her sweet Jack on May 1st.


Aminta said…
Darling purse Sarah! I have been making similar items lately. :) I will post a picture sometime soon.
And good luck purging..... it is so hard, but so worth it too!
The purse is amazing Sarah!!! I love it!!! You are so talented :)
Fairlightday said…
Cute purse Sarah! It looks fantastic.
And like Aminta says, good look with purging! I've been doing a lot of that lately too. It must be the season for it.
What else are you planting? And I've never heard of putting corn meal gluten down on your lawn. Is it like fertilizer? Congratulations on David's new job! That's a relief I know. Your little ones are growing so fast! I can't believe how much!

I'm excited that your in on the girls weekend. Isn't it going to be so much fun??? :)

I love the purse! It inspires me to try more sewing. I'm rather new at it and don't know alot, but I'm excited to try to expand my knowledge.

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