The Rundown...

I had not meant to be away so long...

My days have been full and long....but, good.

David has been traveling for work and with two kiddies, snow storms and trying to get ready for the holidays...blogging has been pushed to the back burner.

I get up around 5:30 a.m. each day...that time is a bit fluid due to the inconsistency of my alarm. Whether due to human or mechanical error (most likely human), it often fails to go off as planned and I usually get less time then I need in the morning. Hmmmm, maybe I should do something about that..but no time!

I get myself ready for the day, make coffee, and then Elijah and Evelyn must be readied...fed, changed, and bundled for the trek next door. Yes, it's true I have daycare with my neighbor. She is kind and loving to the babies. And the commute to drop them off is literally a few steps from my door to hers.

As soon as they are dropped off it's of to the races and I drive about 40 minutes to my office. And when David is not traveling we drive together. Me with my coffee, he with his V8, we drive listening to NPR. I love NPR...they have such interesting stories and I feel well briefed on what's going on in the world by the time I get to work. I must admit that I am a political junkie. After the election was over I went through a wee bit of withdrawal. And now with the recent events of my state's governor being indicted I can't stop following the news closing and regularly checking in with CNN(dot)com for the latest's a bit of an obsession. Although I never listen once I'm home or watch the nightly news. Anyway, I digress...
Then it's work , work, work...I do love my job. It can be fast paced and highly entertaining with all of the different types of people that I come into contact with, plus, I work with some wonderful ladies. Most of us are stuffed into a large room on the top floor of an old building. We yell things across the room and joke about how the building is going to fall down around us one day. We can hear pieces of the building crumbling between the walls. At lunch we have what we lovingly refer to as (and if swearing offends you, now is the time to close your eyes) "Stitch and Bitch." It is such fun to sit around the table, each of us with a project in our laps or clutched in our fingers, working away laughing and talking. Never does an hour fly by so fast.
After driving back home...the kids are picked up, dinner made, dishes washed, and then I settle in to work on projects, give baths, spend time with David and/or cuddle with the babies until Elijah's bed-time. Then all too soon my eyes get heavy and I know that it is nearing the time for me to go to sleep for a few hours until Evelyn wakes me up.
And this time of year it gets even busier what with cookie making, gift creating, gift wrapping, parties, cooking and on and on...but, I am enjoying it. I may get to bed a little later, but I am enjoying the creating and doing of the Holidays this year. After Elijah went to bed I made a delectable peanut butter cookie last night for a cookie exchange I am hosting on Friday all while watching Top Chef (love this show), gift wrapping, and nursing Evelyn.
Full, lovely days. Please forgive my blog neglect. It is not for lack of wanting to, it's just lack of minutes in the day...speaking of...I must be off! I hope to check in with everyone soon!


erin said…
Sounds like life is treating you well! Happy Holidays to you and your family!

Oh and by the way, Jenny's newest edition (due in Feb.) will also be named Evelyn, so way to go trend-setter.

Sarah, you are an amazing multi tasker! :) I am in awe. :)

I always admire women who do the mommy thing like me, but ADD working outside of the home. Wow. I feel so behind some days and I stay home - can't imagine getting every thing done on your schedule! :)

Youa re doing a great job!
Amy said…
Shesh...I am so tired just from reading all that and it has nothing to do with gorging all day on yummy treats at work.

I grabbed the widget. Thanks for sharing and I love the blog.

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