A little peek...

I have been decorating the house for Christmas.
There is snow on the ground.
Christmas music playing.
It's lovely...
A dish of vintage Christmas ornaments.

My nativity in celebration of Jesus' birth.

A folk carving of an angel done for me a few years ago by a sweet older man where I used to work.
A Santa Claus bell.

Three lovely tins I found at Joann Fabrics last year.

The mantle...Lets take a closer look shall we?

Bottle brush trees...I just adore bottle brush trees.
The vintage spools of thread are for color and because I like the idea of a handmade Christmas and that ties into that.
Ribbon spools...to represent the wrapping of packages perhaps. I just love how the colors looks stacked there.
The scotty dog is a letter/bill holder that I got a couple of years ago at an antique mall. It is ready and waiting to hold any Christmas cards we receive.
Elijah looking at the tree for the first time. I hadn't put any bulbs on yet.

The tree is covered with shatter proof bulbs and many lovely felt pieces like this one. I was given them a few years ago. It seems as though someone tried to create the "Twelve Days of Christmas" out of felt. There are partridges and maids-a-milking, drummers drumming and geese as well as stockings, bells, horses and trains. I ended up with a themed tree by accident, it's kid friendly, and colorful...it makes me smile.
The bulbs and garland are Martha...of course. I got them at K-mart four years ago for my first Christmas tree when I moved out on my own.

The finished tree last night.
I hardly decorated last year. I was dispondent and uninterested in Christmas. This year I have a renewed love of it and what it is all about...Jesus birth and his great love for me, my children, my husband, for all. Maybe all of the decorating and gift giving is unneeded...it's secondary. But, it is a way for me to celebrate with my family and friends the great gift the world was given...a Savior. To thank him for the bounty we have been given and to enjoy the gift of him in my life.
Such joy, such peace, such hope...


Lisa said…
it looks beautiful!
Aunt Tea said…
so nice that you're enjoying christmas this year. Ü
Fairlightday said…
Your tree is cute! And you have such thoughtful things on your mantle. I love that. When I was little, I had that very same nativity set, in pastel colors and with no wise men. I miss it. I'll have to ask my mom and see if she's ready to pass it on to Olivia. I'm so glad that you are enjoying Christmas this year. God is so good and faithful! Love to you Sarah!
Rockin' Granola said…
Oh, so lovely! Everything looks so festive and bright and you've got a real knack for pulling things together from different sources in a real cohesive and beautiful way - inspiring!

Thanks for sharing a little Christmas ... best wishes!
Your decorating is perfect - so homey and warm and - YOU! :)

I loved the little peak. :)

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