Us these days...

Quiet days in our neck of the woods.
Fall seems to be in the air.
There have been several cool, gray days this week.
I don't mind.

I sleep when I can and Mom keeps me going with cups of chai tea.
She has been cooking favorites of mine. Tonight we are having chicken and dumplings.
This meal is total comfort food for me. It brings back my childhood of fall and winter days in Eastern Oregon. The smell of the wood stove being lit for the first time in the fall, chopping kindling, and raking leaves into big piles for jumping in. The carrots, celery, onions, and chicken topped with fluffy dumplings...mmmmmm, to die for.

All is well in other things. Elijah spends hours with Pops building towers out of blocks and having books read to him. Evelyn sleeps and eats. The rest of us just follow along.



Fairlightday said…
Good for you! Enjoy these quiet days. I'm so glad your mom is there to take care of you. I don't think I would have made it without my mom staying for 10 days. And comfort food is always good for recovery.
Hugs to you and your sweet new baby.
Chelle said…
Glad you hear you are taking it easy. So I am so happy that you have your Mom there to cook for you, there is nothing better than having your mom after you've just had a baby. Soak up these sweet quiet cooling fallish days and give a little kiss to your precious wee boy and girl from Annabelle and I. Love to you!
Amanda said…
definitely enjoy the quiet days...savor them!

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