Allow me to Introduce...

Evelyn Esperanza
Born: 8/31, 11:36 a.m.
5lbs, 18 inches in length

The labor was long, but well worth it.
She is such a little thing.
And perfectly healthy.
Eats like a pro. Breast feeding is going smoothly.
She even let me sleep for four hours last night.

Elijah is doing well and is sweet and gentle to his little sister.
We are all home, healthy and happy.
Thank you for all of your fond wishes and prayers.
I hope to check in with everyone soon.



Chelle said…
Sarah, I am just so happy for you...she is such a little doll...and I dearly love her name! God bless the four of you so much during these precious first few days of bonding.
erin said…
So cute! Congratulations to you and your family!
Amanda said…
oh...incredibly precious! a daughter...with a gorgeous name...and such beautiful chunky cheeks. oh sarah, i am SO incredibly thrilled for you! enjoy, savor, love, snuggle.
Lisa said…
Oh, Sarah she is amazing!!! I had no idea you were so close to the end.
How wonderful to round out your perfect little family with a daughter (and one who just so happens to have my very favorite name)!!!
I am over the moon with happiness for the 4 of you!
Love to you, sweet friend!
Wendi said…
Oh so beautiful! :) My day is brighter for stopping by and seeing that perfect miracle. :) Congratulations friend! Enjoy and do get little naps in when you can. Four hours already is quite good!! :)

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