Still here...waiting.  But, it's not so bad really, I know this little one won't tarry forever, eviction (as my brother likes to call it) is eminent.  Plus, I have many blessings and joys to fill me days in the now.
A couple of weeks ago I had my spa day that was my Christmas present from David.  Lovely, truly lovely.  Facials are a new favorite thing...David kept encouraging me to get a pregnancy massage, so come this Saturday morning I will be in heaven.
Rubia is pretty much potty trained except for pull-ups for night time and naps.  We will wean her off of those when we switch her to a big girl bed.  Now to tackle her temper.  She is truly a Gemini, that can go from happy to made and back again in an instant.  Her daddy don't call her "Tiny Matches" for nothing!
I have been eating up the Hunger Games trilogy on my Kindle.  You can get the set of three for $18.99, so I went for it.  My Sister-in-Law recommended the books to me months ago and so I decided to just do it.  I have to say that, while very good, they are very intense with so many heart breaking moments.  They are books that I won't want my children to read until they are late middle school perhaps.  I think they are good fodder for opening the door to some very interesting conversations about life and death, the role of government, humanity, how to treat others, right and wrong, etc. etc.
Otherwise, I sit and watch my children play, I putter at things, I nap, I eat lots of steel cut oats.  Just waiting these days...but, these days are very good.


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