Look who came to dinner...

 Look who joined us at the dinner table last night?
Everyone was in a dither and distracted by this new addition.  Evelyn kept asking what Rubia was eating and if she was done yet...while Elijah kept trying to make her laugh.  Not helpful when trying to spoon baby food into a learning mouth.  The family favorite of homemade pizza went cold on plates as we all were busy with the business of Rubia.

 Rubia seemed thrilled to be included and a mere second after this picture was taken Elijah knocked his milk over.  Oh, well, not his fault, I distracted him.  Rubia didn't care for the delay in eating due to clean-up, however.
After the 3 Ps...Peas, Peaches, and Pooping (in her diaper), dinner was done and she was off for a much needed bath.
It was so nice to have her at the table.


I'm glad to see a posting from you!! And pictures....very nice! You'll have to pass on to Elijah the rule our kids have....the glass must be at 12:00 above the plate, in the "no-dump zone". It works, & makes Mamas happy!! ")

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