Halloween wrap-up...

 Halloween was fun...I was running around like a crazy person.  Things seemed to pile up on me and yesterday was a little harried...I was in bed shortly after 9 p.m., I was so very tired.
I got Elijah's Jedi costume done...I was quite proud of it and he certainly felt the part.  I decided on Friday that I wasn't going to get Evelyn's costume done, so she and I took a field trip to a big box store.  We picked out Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and even managed to find ruby slippers.  If I had had my wits about me, I would have tried to find a Toto dog for her to carry...but, that didn't happen. I thought she was sweet just as she was however.  Her Princess Leia outfit that I was working on will due for next year I think.  It was coming out much to big and was requiring more time then I could devote to it unfortunately.
 Rubia was a flower.  In this picture her petals are askew, but, she was very cute and unencumbered by costume frilliness.  There will be time for that in the future, now all she cares about is comfort.  We went trick or treating with the neighbors and it was fun albeit a bit chilly and what with my broken toe and all, we didn't stay out too long.  The kiddos got plenty of candy, so all was right with the world.

 I was my usual kitty cat and Elijah asked me if that was all I was ever going to be and I said yes.  He asked why and I told him it was because it was easy.  He replied that I should think about being something else next year...I told him I'll would think about it.
 On Saturday, we went to the show Mickey Mouses's Magic Show in Chicago.  We normally don't go for this sort of thing, but we went with some friends and it was a nice.  The kids had fun, but all Elijah could think about was popcorn.  He has decided that one really must have popcorn whenever one goes to a theater...once that nessesity was satisfied, he was all about the show.
A rare picture of my Sweetie...I love it!  I may be biased, but don't we have cute kids?


Your children are beautiful, & SO ARE YOU! It was fabulous to see YOU in a picture!! Thanks for sharing!
Amanda said…
you absolutely do. oh my goodness they are so beautiful...and so, my friend, are you! :)

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