Around the house...

Nature Shelf bedecked for Fall

Morning Bed

Our latest love...books on CD

Baskets of books are everywhere

Shelves of them too

We have been easing into Fall around here. We have started doing a bit of school everyday...sign language, crafts, numbers and letters for Elijah, shapes and colors for Evelyn. We have been talking about weather, dancing to music, and listening to Books on CD. The love the Arthur books by Marc Brown and the Mercy Watson books by Kate DiCamillo. We get new ones each week to listen to in the car or to fall asleep to at night. We collect things for our nature shelf...acorns, pine cones, leaves. My dream is to find a real birds nest. My Mom is on the hunt for one in Alaska. If anyone has one and is willing to part with it...I'll pay the shipping!
These days Elijah is finding his artistic self. He spends hours at the easel drawing and creating stories about what he is drawing. He drew his first people a couple of weeks ago. They looked just as they should by a three year old...amoebas through and through. As soon as he finished with his sheet, I snatched it up, labeled it and filed it in his art folder. Does anyone else out there obsessively keep their children's creations? I can't wait to give the folders to them when they are older. It's hard not to keep everything, they are prolific creators of pictures and crafts, so I have to be selective and toss the rest, which is hard for me. I see genius in each and every piece. I know that is just because I am their Mama.
I think we are going to go pick apples soon and perhaps throw a harvest party for the neighborhood kids. We'll be wearing our pjs around the house more and eating oatmeal and drinking hot apple cider. What's on your Autumn to do list?


Amanda said…
love this post! love it, love it, love it. we are enjoying warm drinks in the morning, apples from the orchard, cool mornings, heavy, snuggly blankets, and lots and lots of learning over here...well, when i am not feeling entirely pregnant and wiped out!
Amy said… fall stuff. For the girls artwork. Danielle has a big giant old fashion scrapbook I found at an auction and just pasted it in with rubber cement. I could not find one for Savannah so hers are in a box for now and whenever I had to clean them out I always took photo's of my favorite ones. I even have a few framed and hanging on the wall. Another fun thing to do is take a photo of them holding the art work. Use it for wrapping paper or cut it up and use it for greeting cards. Oh so much fun!

Fall stuff on the agenda is decoratign for Halloween and going to the apple orchard soon. I also want to make some chilli, chicken and dumplings, and other fun fall dishes.

Miss you...sending hugs to you all.
Anonymous said…
I am resisting fall, how about that? :D
Little Candle said…
Oh, Colleen! Don't resist Fall, embrace it! God made it a beautiful thing! Hugs!

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