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Waiting, waiting, still waiting...
I went for a walk this evening and then I proceeded to weed a flower bed. But, besides necessitating the need for a bath, little else happened, such as the much looked for contractions. This baby seems quite content where it is. I keep telling it things are much nicer out here with me, Daddy, and the siblings, but alas to no avail...yet. I tell myself that I won't be pregnant forever and that it will happen when God intends it.
I finished reading my third book in a week and a half yesterday, So let me put on my literary critic's hat for a moment and tell you about them. All three were good and enjoyable for me.
The first was In Defense of Food by Micheal Pollan. His books are tremendous. His compelling, easy to read style makes the reader want to jump up and make instant changes in their diet. This book focused on how the Western Diet of highly processed foods filled with cheap calories and little or no nutrition is the cause for so many of our current health problems. He proposes the need to return of a traditional type diet filled with real food instead fast and processed foods. He encourages shopping the perifory of the grocery store, forgoing the middle aisles, and choosing farmers and local foods markets as well. I garnered a great deal from this book and highly recommend reading it.
Next I read Savage Lands by Clare Clark. It is a fictional account of the true story of 23 women that were sent by Louis XIV of France in 1704 to marry soldiers and settlers in the Louisana colony. It is an interesting tale of the struggles and hardships that these women had to endure. I found several things interesting: in Europe the New World was painted as being a land of little work, streets paved with gold, natives that would beg to be enslaved, and fortunes to be easily acquired. This was of course false. Instead there was flooding, disease, starvation, and constant threat of attack from surrounding tribes as well as the English. It made me grateful for the ability to drive down the road if I need something like flour or a sewing needle, instead of having to wait months or years for ships to bring supplies. It was very well written and I polished it off in three days.
Lastly, I read Romancing Miss Bronte by Juliet Gael. This was also a fictionalized account of the life of Charlotte Bronte. It begins about the time she and her sisters Emily and Anne decide to write and be published in order to earn a living. None of them were married and with an aling father that would be able to leave them with nothing to live on they needed to think of their futures. It weaves around the birth of their now famous novels and poems, but, most of the focus is on Charlotte and who she eventually comes to marry. I have enjoyed reading their novels over the years and this was a nice glimpse into what their lives were most likely like. I was taken with what it meant be a woman in the nineteenth century and how little options there were for women with no money or family to support them. Plus, above all it is a love story, which I always enjoy.
Next up for me is Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay. I have downloaded the sample to my Kindle and plan to start reading it tonight.
Can anyone recommend any good reading to me? My time will soon be limited, I know, but I do love to have at least one book that I am working on even if it takes me months to finish. So this literary critic is signing off...updates of any baby news to happen evenyually. :)


Chelle said…
Thinking of you as you are in these waiting days...loved the book reviews, thank you! And have you ever read Joy In the Morning by Betty Smith? It's really sweet.

Keeping you + yours in my prayers...xo
Chelle said…
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Anonymous said…
Anything by Stephen R. Lawhead!! Are you overdue? I was overdue with both kids, but eventually, they do come. I remember that never-ending wait,'re just SO tired of being pregnant! Jesus will sustain you :)
Anonymous said…
Anxiously awaiting news of your newest member!! :D

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