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Firstly I have to say that if I have a least favorite part of blogging it would be having to come up with some sort of title for each post...anyway, I digress...

Things I am loving right now:

Being flu free. The babies are well and getting back to their normal selves. Thankful for health, so thankful. Oh, how I prayed last week.

Couponing. I went to a free class and I became very motivated to save us money. My first outing resulted in over $60 of savings.

Story time on Mondays at the local library. We meet friends there, do crafts and listen to stories. Lovely.

Knitting. I finished a sweater for Evelyn and I am now working on one for me. Next it's a hat for Elijah. Wish me luck.

Frozen croissants. Just leave out over night then bake. Easy!

Plotting for Christmas. If I could just pull out the sewing machine and get started!

Sleep. I just wish I got more of it. :)

Being blessed...more then I can say.


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I liked your comment about the sewing machine...I know the feeling! ~ It made me smile :)

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