Family Goodness

Yes, yes, I am still here.
Things are moving along.
I finished the above doll set and sent it off to our niece Brianna for her First birthday. I had almost finished it before Evelyn arrived. It just had a couple of things left to do. When it went out the door it was great to cross that off the to-do list.

Here is a glimpse of Christmas gifts in the works. I don't want to give away too much since I want the recipients to be surprised. I am enjoying dusting off my embroidering skills and thinking up things to sew for family and friends. Handmade is the way to go.
I have discovered that I can knit and embroider while nursing the little girl. I am enjoying the time for both reasons.

My babies are doing well. There are still daily challenges. I am trying to get us out of the house more and to keep Elijah occupied. He loves to color and to play with the crayons, going for walks and exploring. So I am always on the prowl for new things to do. Yesterday we got mums and mini pumpkins to start decorating. We smelled Cortland apples, picked up gourds, and splashed in a puddle. We ended up coming away with several pounds of apples...applesauce here we come.

Little Bird is growing and changing every minute. She had her one month appointment this morning. She has put on 3 lbs and grown two inches...Wow! She is not really happy unless she is sleeping on a part of your body. You set her down and in five minutes and she is in tears. Today I am ordering a sling. Hopefully, then I will be able to get more done and keep her close.

I hope to be able to come around and visit everyone soon.
Can you believe that it is October?


Lisa said…
Well, I am impressed - a new baby, a toddler, and you are already working on Christmas gifts! Amazing!!!

think of you often.....
erin said…
I saw a family of 4 walking up the sidewalk at work from "our" office window and that Sarah?! Then I saw it wasn't and realized how it's a bit early for visits...but you must visit us soon!
Amanda said… sweet to stop by and hear about your little life. sounds like you are doing just what you should be....loving your babies...enjoying the days...creating. i would love to know where you found the pattern for those lovely little dolls, as i would love to make a couple for my girls.
How vividly I remeber the new born days, where at times it was all I could do to have evry one dressed, fed, and diaperes.:)
You are doing excelently sweet mama! The kids are, as usual, precious looking!
Fairlightday said…
You are being so industrious! Go Sarah! :) I love the little peek of Christmas projects. WE are busy working on some of ours too.
I understand having a baby that want's to be held all. the. time.
Olivia was just like that. I wish I had persevered with the sling back then. It would have made my life so much easier. I wear Rose in one all the time now and she is one of the happiest babies I know. Let me know if you don't find one you like. Hugs to you dear.
Andrea said…
Like Lisa, I have to say I am pretty impressed that you have been finding time for the Christmas gifts already. I on the other hand, just realized today that it was actually October...October!! When did that happen:)

Your new little lady is just as precious as can be and that should come as no surprise, just look at mom. Enjoy your outings with the little ones and have a wonderful week:)
Lisa said…
thinking of you...
Philigry said…
e all the handmade goodness! glad you are getting along okay. love the sling.

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