A whirlwind of activity

Hello All...
I am floating on a cloud of accomplished bliss today.
Yesterday at work I got so many projects wrapped up.
Co-workers kept walking by and admiring the cleanliness of my desk.
It has been a busy two months, my desk was overflowing.
When I got home with the Little Boy my back was killing me
and all I wanted to do was to lay down.
So I did what women have done for years,
I took two tylenol and bucked up.
While Elijah ate his skillet lasagna and bread and butter,
I unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher, cleaned the kitchen,
and set five eggs to hard boil.
Little Man was stripped and put into his bath where we spent twenty minutes playing and singing. (His new favorite song is "Singing in the Rain, " I must rent the movie for him to see)
He was then dressed, lotioned and brushed.
During his bath I realized the poor state of things in the bathroom and decided to clean it.
While I did so Elijah played with a small green bucket and was facinated by the broom.
Then things snowballed from there...I proceeded to...
clean the master bath,
put Elijah to bed,
clean-out, organize and wipe down the inside of my car,
wash a load of clothes and then a load of towels,
mop the kitchen floor,
put a new table cloth of the dining room table,
do some bill filing,
All by 8:30 p.m.
I over did it. My back started to hurt again so I went to bed.
This morning I am a little achy.
I try to take advantage of those bursts of energy because with this pregnancy I am really tired by the end of the day and on weekends all I want to do is nothing.
But, I love a clean and organized house, it just doesn't always reflect that.
Tonight, chances are likely that I will crash as soon as dinner is done.
But, dispite the tiredness, I love the feeling of completion and accomplishment.


Amanda said…
sounds as though you got a lot accomplished. i definitely remember that "needing to take advantage of energy bursts" when i was pregnant with kate!...and every day since then! sounds like a lovely little evening...hope you have a terrific weekend!
chelle said…
Sarah, uff-da that was A LOT accomplished. :) Almost a super human ammount.
Oh and Annabelle's favorite song is Dancing in the Rain too. :) Isn't that a sweet coincedence?
Leslie said…
congrats congrats... I think its been awhile since I have been around... :) you have way to much energy your making me look bad

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