"Gasp" Snow?

So I had promised a long post this past weekend...didn't happen...obviously. I has fully intended too...honest I had.
I have no excuses other then the four of us (I do like to count the little bun in the oven now) spent the weekend bundled up inside. It has gotten cold again and we got snow yesterday! Say it with me ladies..."enough!" I'm like a little kid that wants to throw a tantrum, whining, kicking, and screaming that everyone else in the world is having a nice Spring and I-Want-One-Too! This is more then likely I completly false statement, but it ever so slightly makes me feel sort of better...well, maybe not really. One of my co-workers yesterday tried telling me that it was lovely to see the snow falling and I gasped. I could not be convinced that it was pretty, lovely, nice, fluffy, or cool no matter what they said. I have become a snow scrooge. But, ask me next December and I'm sure I'll be in love with the stuff again.
So this past weekend was spent reading books, playing with a brightly colored beach ball, peaking out windows, opening and closing curtains (I open and David comes along and closes), and eating. Elijah is 100% better and is making up for lost time. He played hard and wanted to eat constantly. He had lost some weight from his viral infection. Every time we turned around he was in the kitchen wanting more to eat.
I also did some sewing and knitting. It has been so long since I have had any desire to do anything crafty and I was so tickled to have not only worked on some things, but also to have completed a couple of things. I also did some reading and David was so sweet to take care of the Little Boy while I napped on Saturday and Sunday. Pregnant=Tired
If I can pull myself together I will try to get on tonight and post some pictures...I have lots to share.


Lisa said…
sounds like a lovely weekwnd to me!
Fairlightday said…
Love the pictures. :) All your green little sprouts growing! I can't say I blame you about the snow. I don't do snow. I live vicariously through all of my friends who live far enough north to get some. I am far to southern to enjoy it all that much. :)
So, how are you really doing? Besides being so tired all the time? :) Have you tried increasing your protein intake to help with that? My midwife insisted on at least 100 grams a day, with 24 grams at breakfast and the rest spread through out the meals and snacks along the rest of the day. Try it, it might help. Are you planning a home birth this time? I'm sorry I never got that info to you, but I found it all my self through a rabbit warren of google searches and websites. Really crazy. I hope your experience this time is better than before. Mine was so amazing the 2nd time around.
Sorry for the novelette. :)
Talk to you soon!

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