Blessings has been far too long since I was here last. We have recovered from our illnesses and have moved on to new ones. :)
The rush of days continue and I find myself wanting to grab at them and try to hold moments to my chest for just awhile longer. These days are so precious for David and I and for us and Elijah. We will want to keep these moments close all our lives. I want to turn them to slow motion so that I can memorize every detail...the smells, the sounds, the colors, the ordinary. I have often thought how blessed we all are to have the opportunity to freeze snippits in time with our camera and video capabilities, that others since the dawn of time haven't had available.
Here are some of the glories as of late:
~Elijah knows how to throw a ball, he loves to play catch.
~He has started "dancing" and moving his head to music.
~His current, favorite song is a four second banjo tune that his Fisher-Price barnyard toy plays.
~He is enamored with the metal, spring doorstops around the house. They make a "twang" sound that he finds delightful. Even if he is on a mission, crawling, he can't resist stopping at a doorstop.
~David has been able to save his back by using a snowblower on the driveway and sidewalks which are now always safe and dry.
~ I have spent time in my little sewing/crafting corner and I have completed three...count them, three projects.
Our joys keep multiplying but the truck load!


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