Frosty Morning

Today is going to be simple day. We are all still trying to get well, so we shall stay buttoned up indoors for the most part. I was up at 5 am, no not because I wanted to, but because I couldn't manage to lay in bed any longer. The drippy nose and rattling cough were shaking the mattresses and I decided to give David a break and leave him in peace. I spent some time blog walking which I always enjoy, there are some many wonderful, inspiring blogs out there that make continue to want to craft, thrift, create, homemake, and just be. They make me want to do more with my days, how do some women do it? The things they seem to accomplish are astounding. But, then maybe "seem" is the operative word, the grass is always greener right? The fact is not changed that they are amazing women and I adore reading little snippets about their lives.
I decided to do up this new blog for several reasons. I wanted something simpler than MSN, not so flashy...crisp clean...simple. The content won't change, I will talk about our day to day, but I also hope to share more of my creative exploits as well. so cheers! Welcome to Little Candle.


Fairlightday said…
I totally understand the desire to switch. Msn has gotten so cluttered and doesn't feel like "home" anymore. Welcome to blogger. :) There are lots of crafty, inspired, normal mommas here. Just like you, me, and Chelle. Much more of a friend community. Take care!

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