In the Weeds...

Well, we close on that big, beautiful house next Friday.
David, the kiddies and I can't wait!
So, I am in the middle of getting things ready to go:
organized for the movers (cleaning out rooms, big bags of clothes and goodies to Goodwill).
making lists and lists.
posting things on Craig's List.
planning how we will "camp" in the house for 2 weeks or so without beds, furniture, or dishes.
making teacher thank you gifts.
registering for schools in our new town.
making Halloween costumes (a fairy, a mermaiden, a zombie, and a buzzy bee).
There are things that I am loving right now too:
My new, bright pink Nikes.  So comfy, so cute.
I uncovered an old Third Day CD...Offerings.  I am enjoying the songs again.
Skinny Cow Milk Chocolate Clusters.
The weather has been sweetly warm these last few days.  It has been nice as I know when we head North next week it will be chilly and soon snowy.
Knitting for Christmas has been fun as well.  I also have most of my gifts bought for the kiddies as nice to be on top of that.
What are you loving right now?


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