That sweet boy of mine...

This is my boy...4 going on 22.
He is cerebral, literal, and methodical.
We play checkers most days when the girls are napping.  I play to win, because I want him to learn how to play properly as well as how to win and lose with grace.  When he loses I don't let him mope and when he wins I don't let him gloat.
We play badmitton in the backyard.
We draw pictures with pastels.
We have deep conversations about Jesus, Salvation, Heaven and Hell. 
He's not afraid to ask the hard questions.
He loves Star Wars and can spend hours with his action figures.
We sing: "Coming 'Round the Mountain," " Singing in the Rain," "Old Man Tucker," "Found a Peanut."
He loves a good knock, knock joke.
He is ecstatic about going to pre-school in the Fall.
He is independent, but will still cuddle with me most days...thank goodness.
He makes me so proud.
I love my sweet boy.


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