Hello Again...

We are here.  Getting settled.  The kids are having their ups and downs, but they are starting to adjust.  Rubia turns 1 year old tomorrow...I'm not sure where that year went.  She's also teething, so she goes from happy to mad in about 2 seconds.
We are having a little, tiny party for her tomorrow.  I will certainly be sharing about that.  I have been enjoying getting things ready...little gifts, homemade cupcakes, sweet little favors, and fun things for all the kiddies to do outside in celebration of this special girl.
I haven't found my rhythm yet in this new place, but, I know as the days and weeks move along, things will fall into their places as they are meant to.  My posting may continue to be sporadic for awhile...my apologies.


Anonymous said…
Oooo!! I'm so glad to hear from you!! Thanks for the pics....what state are you living in now? I've either missed that, or you've not said. Can't wait to see & hear more!!

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