Beautiful cool days...

I haven't meant to be gone so very long.
I have been distracted...
It has gotten chilly and I am loving it. Our weather forecast calls for snow this weekend!
I have been getting us out of the house more and making connections with Moms in my neighborhood.
Lots of knitting is on needles as we speak.
I have been teaching a new Mom friend down the street how to knit.
Lots of warm meals have been cooked and baked.
Blankets have been washed and placed in the living room for cozying up.
Cups of tea warm my hands as I sit and watch football with David. Have I ever mentioned that we have football on, pretty much all Autumn and Winter? David is obsessed and I must admit that I am fast finding myself to be a fan of a good game.
I pulled out Elijah and Evelyn's winter quilts and made up their beds to keep them warm and toasty. Winter nights in the Midwest can be brutal.
I found two wool rugs for super cheap and they now grace the ceramic tile floor in the kitchen. Those rugs will be nice this Winter. Plus, they are a cheery red, blue, and green stripe pattern that happens to make me very happy.
I am busy getting ready for Elijah, Evelyn, and I to fly to Oregon to visit my parents, brothers, sister-in-laws, grandparents, aunt and uncle, and cousins. I am very excited. It has been two years since I was there last and I have not met a niece and a nephew. Many lists have been made, snacks decided on and activities planned for the long days of travel there and back.
Sugar cookies have been baked and decorated...pumpkins and Mickey Mouse. Elijah insisted on Mickey Mouse.
Lots of reading of story books. Evelyn has started being more interested in books. I have enjoyed now getting to be able to read to both of them at the same time. This will be a favorite cold weather activity.
Lots of little, sweet moments fill our's not that I haven't wanted to blog about them, I have just been too busy soaking them up to stop and write.
I hope that Fall is wonderful where you are and that your hands and hearts are warmed by the fruits of your labors. I will be back soon with pictures...


Leslie said…
oh how I have missed this blog, its always a blessing. Now that we are settled, Im popping my head in, and wondering deary are you planning on joining us in March.. if so there is info up on the blog, and we are collecting deposits, Im so hoping with all my heart you say yes.....

please say yes.. :)

love every single post of yours lately, btw... so much so... and those doughnuts look AMAZING!
Amanda said…
hooray to hear from you. sounds very much like life in our midwest home...warmer meals, blankets to snuggle in, cups of tea (or coffee in my case!). and i'm with leslie...please say yes to march...pretty please with sugar on top! :)
Oh does your home sound COZY!!!! I love to read about the wool rug and warm blankets and tea... :)

And what a brave lady to travel with two little ones. :) I will be praying it all goes smoothly.

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